Your Moustache Needs This

Hello once again everyone. This is Katie talking to you loud and clear. How is everyone? Good? Me and Rob have been doing just fine and have been slaving away at an awesome piece of content that we couldn’t wait to reveal to you.

Last time Rob took the reins and delivered a wicked post about the new beard trend that seems to be sweeping the globe. This time round I wanted to personally follow it up (although I don’t have any facial hair!) with something in a similar vein.

Rather than talking about beard products I wanted to take some time to cover the options that are available to the men out there that don’t have beards, but do instead have moustaches. There is a whole plethora of products out there that are specifically catered to those that only sport facial hair above their upper lip.

styling moustache with wax

To name a few there are combs and oils, but today I want to specifically talk about something called moustache wax. If you’ve never heard of it before, you can probably guess, being a wax, it is something that would be used to help keep shape and structure in a moustache. And let me tell you – you’re not wrong.

Moustache wax appears to be the best product out there for this specific purpose. How can we be sure of that I hear you ask? Simple – Rob tried it out for himself. These are his reflections:

Moustache wax is by far the best product out there for the intended use of shaping and styling your moustache no matter how long it is (I should know because mine is pretty long at the moment.)

Over the last few weeks I’ve been fortunate enough to try a number of different waxes. If you’re interested, you can follow the link I have provided below, and that will take you to a page selling what I think is the best moustache wax out there. Give it a go yourself. What’s the worst that can happen.

More of the same

A lot of people really seemed to enjoy our last post, so we thought we’d continue by writing something on a similar theme. Beards really do seem to be in at the moment, so we thought they merited another article being written about them. It will be ready for all of you come tomorrow, so be sure to come back then.

The New Beard Trend You Can’t Escape

Hello everyone! Rob here! Katie has been banging on at me to have a go at writing some more blog posts so here I am. We all know how good a writer she is, but hopefully my skills with the old keyboard will impress you too. So without further a do, let’s get this show on the road!

Today I wanted to talk about the new rise in beard products, and the general beard trend that seems to have taken the western world by storm over the past couple of years. If you live in the US or the UK, you’d have to be blind to not have noticed all the beards that have propped up recently.

beard grooming

I for one welcome this new idea of letting your facial hair grow longer. I also feel that it’s becoming more and more acceptable to have a beard in the workplace, which is great. It’s something that was incredibly commonplace about 100 years ago, but in the last 4 or 5 decades hasn’t been particularly prevalent.

Another effect of this recent boom is the growth of the male grooming industry. Every cosmetics or health and beauty shop I walk into now seems to be laden with a variety of different products. Beard oil, moustache wax, combs, balms, everything. The other day I was doing some surfing on the Internet and I even came across a pretty handy looking beard grooming kit that included most of the things I just mentioned.

So where do you stand on this new beard craze? Do you think it will stand the test of time and last a few more years at least. I read online that beards tend to come back into fashion once a decade, but only for a year or two. I swear this wave has been around for approaching 4 years now, and is showing no signs of slowing, so it will probably be around for a good while yet.

Back with a Bang!

Hello one and all. It has been a great deal of time since I last made contact with you guys. The important news is I am still alive and I’m still committed to providing you with awesome content. Make sure you stop on by here again as soon as you can as I have a really special post almost ready.

See you soon!

Where We Are Up To

We’re pretty certain we’re going to be creating a health and beauty product to private label and sell on amazon. The question is what kind of product should we go for?

In our previous post we discussed potentially bringing out a line of essential oil diffusers. At the time, this seemed like a really good idea, but in recent weeks we’ve slowly moved away from this. I’ll explain why our thoughts have changed. Basically we came to the conclusion that it would probably be best for us to start with a product that doesn’t rely on a source of power to work.

For example, an oil diffuser is either battery powered, or is plugged into the wall and powered by electricity. Although many of the products you find about your home are just like this, we thought it would be best to avoid an electrical product, as it means we’ll be avoiding all the problems that could occur with them.

lemons and oil

I admit it is very rare, but occasionally you do buy the odd item that is powered by electricity. Once you bring it home and plug it in and you find that it doesn’t work it can be hugely frustrating. If we avoid selling an electrical product, we predict that our return rate will be considerably smaller than if we did sell one.

Despite this, we still really like the niche of essential oils, and our plan is to stick with it. So, are only real option now is to release our own essential oil. We’ve thought about it for many days, and we’ve come to the conclusion that our favourite essential oil is lemon. We think thisĀ is the way forward, as it has a serious demand on the internet, but not as much competition as other oils.

So what do you think? Do you think we are barking up the wrong tree here and should be focusing on something else? Please share your thoughts with us.

We’re Getting There

Things are moving along quite nicely now, and its safe to say that we are getting there. I don’t want to go into too much detail here, but rest assured that you will know more about it very soon. I hope you are as excited as we are!

Maybe We Could Move Into The Health & Beauty Niche?

Hi again, Katie & Rob here. We’re still struggling to find the perfect business to move into but we think we turned a corner a few days ago. Private labelling seems as if it could be a very worthwhile venture for us.

The problem is until recently we couldn’t figure out which niche to get into. We pondered over the idea of going for something within the home and kitchen niche (see our first post below) but came to the conclusion that the potential profits aren’t as big as they could be in other niches. The market also seemed slightly saturated.

We were about to give up until we noticed the huge amount of items within the niches of beauty and health that look as if they can be sourced for a relatively cheap price, then sold for a significantly higher amount. The more we looked the more we became drawn to essential oils.

essential oils

I don’t know why but they really seem to be some of the fastest selling products online at the moment. Maybe it’s because most of them have multiple purposes and uses. For instance you can apply them to your skin, spray them on you as a fragrance or even use them as a quasi-cleaning product. However, part of me thinks its all down to the fact that they’re supposed to have many health benefits.

We think we’re just about the stage now where we’re fairly certain this is what we want to do, so now we’re beginning to look into different essential oils that are sold in an attempt to find the perfect one for us to start with. It didn’t take me long until I found these things called oil diffusers that are used to spray oils around your house every so often. They’re fairly simple to work, all you have to do is plug them into a power socket and adjust the settings which determine how often the diffuser releases the oil you have selected.

The question now is how do we go about sourcing a product just like this. Do we want to private label, or should we try and create a brand new diffuser ourselves and have a third party package and label it for us? These are all the things I guess we’re going to have to get our heads around in the near future.

In the meantime I’m just thinking about how great our product will be once its ready. I will no doubt use them myself in various rooms around the house as I love the natural fragrance of essential oils.

We’re Still Brainstorming

The point of this blog is to help us map out our thoughts and eventually come to a decision on what kind of business we’d like to move into. We were talking, and decided we want to ask you for your contributions too. Are there any business models that you’ve seen recently and were blown away by? If so, please let us know.

The World of Private Labelling Home & Kitchen Products

Hello! It’s Katie here and we’ve been hard at work planning out different business plans that we could potentially pursue. One we’ve been looking at for a long time now is private labelling. To those that don’t know what this is, it’s when you get in contact with a manufacturer of a certain product (they can be from anywhere around the world, for instance, many in the far east will offer you better rates) and agree to purchase a set amount of one single product from them, which they will then ship to you. What happens next, is you have to put your own private label, or business logo on the products to make them look like your own. This can be down once they arrive and are in your hands, or occasionally many of the manufacturers will be able to do this for you.

Kitchen tools

Once this is done, the next step is to build a website and begin promoting your products online. There have been many people that have started hugely successful businesses doing this, which gives us a great deal of hope. At this stage you have a choice of shipping the products yourself, and keeping the stock at your own property or warehouse, or hiring some third party to keep and ship the stock for you.

We’ve done a lot of research into this model and really think it’s something that might be worth pursuing. What do you guys think? Do you have any idea of how difficult it be compared to other ways of making money online? After talking, we decided that if we were to pursue this model we would attempt to start our own home and kitchen brand, mainly because there are so many private labelling opportunities within that niche. Just look at all of these for instance. You can sell cookware, tableware, kitchen appliances, the list goes on. All of these items can be purchased fairly cheaply too from manufacturers. To be honest, there’s only a handful of items within this niche that you won’t be able to private label. Items that harness special technology, and are electrically powered such as a digital meat thermometer might be fairly difficult to source but still might be possible.

Please tell us what you think about our original ideas.

Welcome One and All

Hey there! The two of us are trying our best to chase our dreams and are in the process of starting a business online. I wanted to put this website up so we could review different models and try our best to figure out which business plan we want to go for. This isn’t really intended for the public but if you’ve stumbled across this site then feel free to have a look around.